Tanning Prep


Shower & exfoliate the whole body before your appointment. Make sure what your using is oil free. We highly recommend our Exfoliating Mitt which also removes old tan.


Previous self-tanner/spray tan must be removed.


Before arrival please do not apply any oils, makeup, perfumes or lotions as this can prevent the tan from sticking to the skin. Avoid deodorant if possible as well.


Shave/wax areas needed-most shaving creams contain lanolin (oil), so plain soap is best.


Ensure jewelry is removed & hair is pulled back.


What to Wear to Your Appointment


Dark, loose-fitting clothes, no tights or jeans-dresses are a great option. Have an umbrella handy just in case of rain.


Women - You can also wear your bathing suit. Keep in mind if having tan lines will be an issue or not for your upcoming events.


Men - bathing suit bottoms, underwear, or thong must be worn.


Please note: that there may be some minor colour transfer onto clothes or bedding directly after tan before your first shower. This will not stain and can be easily removed in the wash.


During Your Tan


Wear whatever you’re comfortable with. Some choose to go fully nude, others wear thong & strapless bra, or topless with underwear on. Disposable thongs for women are provided if needed.


Pasties for bust area & C String Tan Line Free Thongs are available for sale.


After Care Instructions


After your tan, don’t shower for 8-10 hrs as your tan is still developing. Rapid- 2-4hrs. No exercise, sweating, getting hands or body wet, including dishwashing until you have taken your first shower after developing time has elapsed.

When showering, rinse with warm water until the water runs cleans-this will ensure all developer has been removed. Your tan will then be revealed. Soap can be used in the necessary areas, and the less soap used on the rest of the body, the longer your tan will last. We recommend our all natural Golden Vanilla Brown Sugar Soap available in store and online.


To keep your tan looking it's best & lasting long, apply an alcohol-free/perfume free moisturizer morning & night starting after your first shower. Our Beach Bum Stay Golden Tan Extending Lotion will help to preserve the life of your tan and also works on untanned skin to build a subtle glow.​


Do not exfoliate the body until the tan is almost gone, or when you would like to start to remove it. Reduce shaving as well.


Swimming in pools & the ocean is completely fine, but it can cause your tan to fade quicker from the saltwater & pool chemicals.


Your tan can last anywhere between 5-7+ days depending on your skins integrity, tan prep and after care.


Additional Information


Our Tanning product is 99% natural organic. It's Vegan, paraben-free, and does not test on animals. It’s loaded with healthy antioxidants & fruit extracts. Our blends also firm your skin.




(Follow the prep & aftercare, and you’ll have an excellent tan experience)


Nursing mothers: due to fluctuating hormones in the body, some may experience a difference in the colour tone.


*If pregnant, you must get an okay from your OB before treatment.


*Any allergies must be noted upon booking.


*No unattended children


*Please arrive on time.


*Payments are accepted in cash, E Transfer, debit + credit.

**COVID 19**


Please read our detailed list titled 'Covid Protocols' on the drop down menu on our website.


Cancellation Policy


*In respect to my time and yours I ask that you please provide at least 24 hours for cancellations, failure to do so or no showing your appointment will require payment of appointment in full and a credit card on file for all for future bookings. You will not be able to re book until the fee has been paid. I've had no choice but to make this policy firm as it has unfortunately become an issue. Thank you for understanding.  

Teeth whitening bookings require a 50% deposit at time of booking and are not confirmed until deposit is received. $75 can be paid by credit or by e transfer to beachbumspraytanning@gmail.com.

Deposit will be lost respect to cancellation policy rules.




Discounted Tan Packages are always available.

Groups of 6 or more on the same day, host receives free.

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40 Amy Croft Dr. Tecumseh. Inside of Estetica Day Spa.

Upon arrival, check in at the desk + have a seat in our cozy waiting area.

We also have a new expanded retail space, so feel free to browse while you wait.

Bathrooms are located right down the hall from the waiting area.

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