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  • Will I turn orange?
    The solution used is brown under toned, resulting in an even, golden brown tan.
  • I have an event on a Saturday, when is the best day to tan?"
    Two days prior is best.
  • Can I go in the pool or ocean?
    Absolutely. Your tan, once set, will gradually fade each day. Keep in mind that pool chemicals & salt water can cause it to fade quicker as this acts the same as skin exfoliation would.
  • How long will it take to develop?
    Once you’re sprayed, it’s best to leave on the full 12hrs before showering. This will ensure you’re fully developed. Rapid is also available developing for 4 - 6 hrs.
  • I really enjoy being tanned all year round without the use of tanning beds or sun bathing, how often can I get sprayed?"
    Every 2 weeks as long as previous tan has been fully removed with exfoliation to ensure an even tan.
  • Can I moisturize with my own body lotion?
    It’s best to use something compatible with spray tanning, that doesn’t contain any bronzers. Our organic tanning prep & after care products will help keep the life of your tan longer. We carry Vita Liberata Organic Moisture Boost Tan Extending Lotion. This amazing product is organic, paraben & toxic free.
  • I’m pregnant, can I still get a spray tan?"
    Always consult with your physician before spray tanning. Do not forget to mention it is an organic solution.
  • Are the colours custom to my skin?
    Your colour is custom blended to suit your skin tone so that you won't have that "orange look."
  • How long does a typical appointment take?
    Your appointment will take less than 20 minutes. The bronzer applied is natural looking, so you won't have to hide out in your house while you develop.
  • I need a tan fast can you help me?
    Yes, we also have a 3 Hour tan which is great for last minute plans.
  • Are your products good for my skin?
    Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed, so it's important to me to be mindful of what is being used. We use organic tanning products!
  • Do you carry anything that can prolong my tan?
    Yes, we carry Vita Liberata Organic Moisture Boost Tan Extending Lotion. It helps keep skin silky smooth & your tan lasting longer.
  • Do you have additional info for tanning prep and after care?
    Yes, this info is all located at our Prep and Care page located on the home page, footer or navagation bar under the Services tab.
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